Create Shopify blank theme from local

  1. Create the theme folders as per shopify (templates, sections, snippets, etc.)
  2. In the config folder create on json file called settings_schema.json and add below details 



    "name": "theme_info",

    "theme_name": "latest Devang",

    "theme_version": "1.0.0",

    "theme_author": "Rock",

    "theme_documentation_url": "https:\/\/\/manual\/online-store\/themes",

    "theme_support_url": "https:\/\/\/"



  1. In the layout folder create file called theme.liquid with below details

<!DOCTYPE html>




    {{ content_for_header }}





    {{ content_for_layout }}




  1. In the template folder create 2 files gift_card.liquid and index.json
    1. In the gift_card.liquid file add default code which in available in dawn theme
    2. In index.json call one section file like below


  "sections": {

    "image_banner-2": {

      "type": "image-banner-2"



  "order": [




  1. In the section folder create on section file with the same name which you added in the index.json like below 
    1. Image_banner-2.liquid
    2. And in this file you can add your dummy content 
  2. Now for the first time you have to make this folder as a ZIP file and upload into your store as a backup theme
  3. Then using the shopify CLI pull this theme and based on your requirement make the changes and push into the same theme.

  4. CLI commands
    1. shopify theme dev –store=store url  ( connect your specific store )
    2. shopify theme pull (download your theme)
    3. shopify theme push (upload your changes)

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